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Joint Medicaid Committee Hearings

                                                                           Senate and House Medicaid Committees Hearings
                                                                      Chairman Kevin Blackwell, Senate Medicaid Committee
                                                                            Chairman Joey Hood, House Medicaid Committee

Joint Medicaid Hearings 12 October 2020, Presenter's Information:

     Pediatricians: Dr. John Gaudet, Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians. Slideshow

     Family Practitioners: Dr. Dustin Gentry, Slideshow

     Dentists: Dr. Tiffany Green, President of Mississippi Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Slideshow

     Nurses: Wanda Stroupe, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Clinic Owner. Slideshow, Handout


Joint Medicaid Hearings 13 October 2020, Presenter's Information:

    Durable Medical Equipment: Matthew Boyd, President of Mississippi Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers. Slideshow

    Behavioral Health Hospitals / Freestanding Psychiatric Hospitals: Richard Roberson, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy, Mississippi Hospital Association. Slideshow

    Pediatric Behavioral Health: Dr. John D. Damon, Mississippi Association of Child Care Agencies. Slideshow


Joint Medicaid Hearings 26 October 2020, Presenter's Information:

    Mississippi Hospital Association: Tim Moore, CEO, Mississippi Hospital Association. Slideshow

Joint Medicaid Hearings 27 October 2020, Presenter's Information:

     Hospice: Tiwana O’Rear, Board President, Louisiana Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. Slideshow

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